Zero Self Confidence – Is Your Fear Of Not “Being Enough” Holding Your Back from the Success You Deserve?

Living with low self confidence is like being in prison. Having zero self confidence makes you feel weak. Unsure of your abilities.

With many ugly negative thoughts that take off and take hold of your mind. Uncomfortable feelings arise and become frequent in your day.


The Negativity Personal Trap

These uncomfortable feelings last so long that you start trust them as reflecting something real. You start thinking you really aren’t able to confront things. Action becomes more and more hard. You start procrastinating.

You start trying relieving these bad feelings with short term pleasure strategies, like for example eating.

This attacks your self esteem. You feel weak and wrong.

You feel unable to take action. And even if you take action you mistrust your ability to sort things out, deal with the unexpected, being in control. Keep this for a short time, and you will soon you lose faith in your dreams. You feel you cannot ever do anything right.

The Negativity Social Trap

You start comparing with others and see what they have and you don’t. You lose your sense of self worth and soon you start feeling unsecure in your relationships. You feel you are less than others and what you think is less important than what others think. Saying “no” becomes difficult and you feel even worst.

You start thinking that whatever bad happens is directed against you and maybe even people are against you. You see negative in every word that is said about you.

You feel painful and alone. You become a victim of self-pity and want to share this with other people, so they can feel equally sad.


Zero Self Confidence Makes Everything Low and Holds You Back

Our negative trap is working well, isn`t it? The trap of low self confidence is what will trigger all the lows in our emotions such as: low self-esteem, low energy levels, low sexual desires, low positive thinking, low care in personal hygiene, low desires in life period.

With zero self confidence you don’t see opportunities, don’t take action, don’t trust relations. You won’t be able to confront difficulties and solve problems. You are stuck in a rut and feel like there is no solution.

zero self confidence

Your True Potential

However, you know you deserve more. You know you should be potentially able to do anything, and probably once you felt that way. You know this power is somewhere, but not with you right now.

What would you do if you see someone behaving as I described above? How would you help him? What would you say him?


Your True Power

Well, probably you would say him that this behavior is meaningless. That all he is doing is harming himself. That he should just stop thinking negative and he should start taking action regardless of what he thinks the results will be.

If that someone is you, all you have to do is step outside of yourself, see yourself that way and tell yourself those things.

Let’s see a few tips that will help you to change the way you think.


Zero Comparing

First, stop comparing yourself. What people think about you is meaningless. And you can bet people have more important things to focus on than you. If you have zero self confidence, you should consider the possibility that your worst enemy is… you.


Change Your Mind

If you are your worst enemy, how are you going to fight against yourself and your zero confidence?

Well, it’s all about changing your mind. It may be difficult; you may don’t know how to do it. It doesn’t matter, just do it. Think something else, and change your mind. Think about anything to get your mind to change.


Positive Thinking Habits

To make this easy and sustainable, you must have a way to contrast negative thinking in a natural, automatic manner and low fatigue. This means you must develop positive thinking habits. This will wipe out the negative stuff in your mind and your zero self confidence with that.

It won’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen after one time of defeating the negative.

Just develop a little ritual in which you’ll feel that you are just as special as anyone else in the world. For example when you just awake in the morning. Or sit down for breakfast. Link a positive thought to recurring situations you meet in your daily routine. And this will develop into a positive thinking habit.

Positive affirmations for self confidence are a great way to develop positive thinking habits. In a previous post I shared how I used them to regain my lost self confidence in a short time.

This is something you must do for yourself, and you for sure can do it.


A New Start Every Day – Or Every Second

Every day is a new start. In each and every moment you can stop for a while and take a different decision. In this now you can change things. The past is gone, and you can have that nothing that happened yesterday will affect your today. You can feel like you are all new every morning, or every second if you choose. Use this moment to make what happened in perspective: what happened yesterday, will have any relevance in ten years? And in a year? And tomorrow? If you can choose it won’t have any relevance in ten years, maybe you can choose it haven’t today too. Whatever is affecting you, is because you are allowing it to have that power on you. Break your zero self confidence, take back your power and don’t let anything that happened yesterday defeat you today.


Zero Self Confidence Means Zero Power

If you don’t have any confidence, all of you becomes weak and unable to go through challenges. Every little increase in your self confidence will make all of you stronger.

Take care of yourself and your thinking, and you’ll be able to defeat all of the negative emotions that fight to control your thinking. Think of everything and everyone around you as a positive element that you need to create your positive habits. How you live your life and find happiness is totally up to you, so choose to be a new you right now. Choose to be confident and then be confident.


Take Time and Develop Self Confidence

Your fear of not “being enugh” is one of the worst misconceptions about self-confidence that will sabotage your goals.

As we saw, you have just to retrain your mind and take action, with the help of positive thinking habits.

Do this every day, and you’ll win.

A simple and cool way to eliminate zero self confidence is to enter our 30 days daily confidence challenge. Every day will expose you to new tips, ideas and exercises that will help you to explore your self confidence an get every day a little forward. Just subscribe in the form below and keep working on that.

Developing self confidence will lead you to a life full of opportunities and energy, with the ability to meet the day with loads of enthusiasm and knowing that you are going to get through your day without worries of any kind and a wonderful sun that will shine all day.

Just do it.

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