How To Get Rid Of Naysayers For Good – A Short Story On Self-Confidence

the tiny lion cub - a short story on self-confidenceHello guys, today I’m sharing a short story on self-confidence with a simple moral that will help you to get rid of those nasty people that are always trying to push you down.

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“The Tiny Lion Cub” – a short story on self-confidence

Not for you

This is the story of Jake, a small lion cub who was approaching the annual climbing competition of lions on a tree, an ancient tradition of his clan.

One morning all the lion cubs of the clan lined up to enroll themselves in the race. All cubs were growing at the same rate – well, all except Jake. He was the tiniest cub in town!

As Jake joined the enrollment line, another cub said, “Hey shrimp, do you actually think you’ve got a shot?”

“Well, I sure do think I have a shot at winning, or at least placing second,” said Jake.

“Ha! This kid actually thinks he has a chance at winning! He’s so naïve!” screamed one of the cubs while the whole clan laughed in unison.

“This race is for lion cubs, not kittens. Scram, little one!” yelled another cub while barely holding back his laughter.

Standing up

Jake felt embarrassed, but he stood in line and enrolled in the race. The ridicule lit a fire under Jake. He was determined to win the race!

Every day until the race, Jake practiced climbing trees for hours. He felt his body becoming stronger and his agility increasing with each climb. Soon enough, he was climbing in record time!

When the race rolled around, the other cubs ridiculed Jake. But Jake remained focused on his goal.

As the lion cubs waited impatiently for the results, the judges declared Jake the winner! Because of his hard work, Jake climbed the tree in record time! The cub that took 2nd place was really far.

While Jake proudly wore his metal, the other contestants finally accepted him and carried him in the air while chanting, “Jake! Jake! Jake!”

Self-confidence and hard work

In this story about self-confidence, Jake didn’t allow the mean-spirited comments about his size to get him down. Jake didn’t feel sorry for himself and didn’t walk away.

It’s easy to be derailed. It’s easy to lose confidence. You can get your self-confidence back using a strict mindset diet (stop negative thinking, complaining, being undisciplined, procrastinating, escaping your challenges).

Jake chose to prove himself to everyone and faced his challenge head on.

Hard work is usually a key part of the solution. You can see here the simple self-confidence/training process in action:

story on self-confidence with moral - the training/skill cycle

You must have enough self-confidence to address the training seriously enough to develop the skills you need.

As your skills improve, results will come and success will forward.

This success will improve your self-confidence and you’ll be able to play this cycle again at a new level.

Jake won the race by a wide margin because of his confidence and hard work.

Seeking approval

Like Jake, almost everyone has a feature or shortcoming that others can easily tear apart. This includes all the naysayers that are bogging you down.

inspiring short story on self-confidence - make today the day

Surprisingly, those who poke fun at others are generally trying to cover up their own insecurities by bullying someone else.

Maybe you think you’re too short, too fat, too thin, or too tall. To compensate for your insecurities, you likely seek approval from others. But you are the only person who can really make you feel good about yourself. All the complements in the world are of no use to a person who doesn’t believe them!

And remember the wisdom of Vernon Howard when you are seeking for approval (…it seems like he wrote this for our short story on self-confidence):

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep”.

Make today the day that you stop chasing approval from others.

You are your boss, so please be your boss

moral stories related to confidence - you are your boss, be your boss

Even if you are short, tall, fat, or thin, so what? Will this stop you from living a fulfilling life or chasing that promotion? It certainly shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, too many people allow their insecurities to dictate their worth. Don’t be one of these people; you can be the exception!

You are the boss of your life. And only you can determine whether you fail or succeed.

Chase every dream you have! Go for the girl, pursue that promotion, buy that house, or start your own business. With the proper amount of confidence and skill, the sky is the limit!

My true story about self-confidence

Well, somehow I lived a story very similar to Jake’s.

A few decades ago, I decided to apply for a very important university. This required to pass a very difficult exam with a lot of competition… Some hidden naysayers (my relatives) were oppressing my parents to avoid deluding themselves, so in case I had not passed, this would not be too painful for them.

I prepared my very hard exam with total discipline and commitment for a few months. I attacked my weak points and worked to improve my overall performance.

At the end I passed, the naysayers where astounded and my parents were happy.

A short story on self-confidence with moral

So, if you were looking for moral stories related to self-confidence, you have found one. The moral of this story is:

Remain confident in yourself, even if you are different from others.

Ignore the naysayers, apply with discipline and improve your skills.

Then just do your best and you’ll get the success you deserve.

10 Self-Reflection Questions from this short story on self-confidence

Now it’s your turn. How do you score with the following questions?

  1. What challenges are you facing?
  2. How are you facing them?
  3. What you think your shortcomings are?
  4. Can you accept them and avoid using them as an excuse for not taking action?
  5. What are your unique assets?
  6. What are your insecurities and what can you do to overcome them?
  7. Whom you are seeking approval?
  8. How this is slowing you down and blocking your progress? What would you do if you didn’t need their approval?
  9. How do you respond to those who intentionally put you down?
  10. How could you respond better?

What after?

If this (hopefully) inspiring short story on confidence is helping you to get back on track, you can go further with my free 30 Days Courage and Self Confidence Challenge (just subscribe with the form below). Learn how to restore your positive resources, develop courage and win your challenges.

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