Winning Over Personal Challenges: The Pursuit Of Happyness – the movie all about self-confidence

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2020)

winning over personal challengesSome time ago, I saw the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. I think it’s a true inspiring masterpiece on winning over personal challenges with self-confidence. Today I’d like to share my thoughts on this movie with you.

The pursuit of happyness

The movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, a man who was facing poverty and struggling to support his family. He invested heavily in a medical device that didn’t sell well and lost his money. Due to serious money difficulties, his wife left him and he lost his house.

Then he lived in the streets and charities with his little son and in the meanwhile he applied for an unpaid internship that had a very small probability to earn him six months later a paid job as a stock broker.

Today he is a 60 million $ entrepreneur. How did Chris Gardner overcome his challenges? Want to know how to win over challenges in life? Keep reading!

The frustration

how to overcome obstacles in lifeSometimes there’s a point in our life when things turn very bad: you do things, persist and struggle, but everything seems going wrong.

Everything seems against you. You feel struck by injustice, you start losing confidence, and you doubt of yourself. Your action becomes ineffective and you feel soon sucked in a downward spiral.

Soon you feel like you have lost control of your life. Sometimes after that problems get so big that they create crisis in all your life – for example your wife leaves you and you lose your apartment.

When terrible things happen in your life, what is coming next will depend first of all on your mindset and on the robustness of your self-confidence.

The life of Chris Gardner is an amazing example of this. There are plenty of lessons to learn from his story and in the meanwhile, he has become an outstanding self-help guru and inspiring author.

So, how do you deal with personal challenges that are blasting your full life?

I share with you my top three picks on Gardner’s story.

Winning over personal challenges: start where you are

winning over personal challenges: start where you areFirst, it doesn’t matter where you are. Start where you are. Gardner’s story shows that no matter where you are you can get the top of your game.

This means not having excuses, nor losing time complaining. The first thing to do is to stop with losing mindsets that are just destroying your personal power. Learning How to boost self-confidence by ceasing to lose it is the vital skill to be able to go anywhere wherever you are.

On the other hand, if you look for a moment at it, there’s no other way than starting from where you are to start changing things. Accepting this and taking action from there is the fastest way to get your power back in your hands.

How to overcome obstacles in life: no failure, just setbacks

how to overcome obstacles in life-no failure just setbacksWinning over personal challenges requires having a consistent plan in mind and sticking to it. In that way you can have the courage to see every stop as a setback, not as a failure.

Failure is a kind of a final concept. A setback is, by definition, a temporary concept. You can always find a workaround for a setback. You can always find another solution.

While for your journey you have to stick to your “A plan”, for a setback there is always a “B plan”, and that is adequate and enough. If you keep going, at a point negativity will cease and something good will happen. This means “going through” whatever happens.

Part of this is an “abundance mindset”. Whatever you have lost, you’ll find again. Be it a body scanner (like happens in the movie), money, happiness. There are plenty of opportunities. Whatever is the opportunity you have lost, there is a bigger one waiting for you, if you dare to look for it.

Don’t complain and keeping going with courage. Take your direction and take action with courage and determination: you are going towards your destiny.

How to overcome personal challenges: You are your greatest asset, your greatest resource and your greatest friend

how to overcome personal challengesDon’t wait for the help of anyone. This is your greatest personal resource to winning over personal challenges.

Dohow to overcome personal challenges-train your personal and professional skills it yourself, and it will be done. Your skills are your greatest assets. What you like, what know and what you are able to do will bring you forward.

Get the training you need for positions that are more ambitious and leverage it. Invest in yourself, and your training will bring you your greatest asset.

Exploit and develop your personal skills on one side; exploit and train your professional skills on the other. This will bring you anywhere.

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Chris Gardner top 10 rules of happiness

Here is a more detailed list of the lessons Chris learned from his experience on overcoming life challenges and difficult times:

  1. commit to plan A
  2. put family first
  3. decide to be world class
  4. have self-worth
  5. keep your team motivated
  6. change is necessary
  7. baby steps count
  8. follow your passion
  9. do whatever it takes
  10. start where you are

You can listen his comments with his own words in this short video:

how to win over challenges in lifeChris is one of the most incredible overcoming obstacles in life examples. Did you see this movie? What did inspire you? Did you have tough times in your life? How did you manage winning your personal challenges? How this affects your self-confidence? How did you react? Let us know…

Overcoming challenges is the most valuable skill you can cultivate and is the essential competence that will help you to create your positive future.

Improve your skills on winning over personal challenges by tempering your confidence and courage skills with our free 30 days self-confidence challenge with the form below…


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