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(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

hypnosis self confidenceWe have seen that today many people have confidence issues that come from very hard professional and social context. Their lack of confidence in themselves have affected their lives so much that they are unable to grab the opportunities that were presented to them so they could advance in their careers or get ahead in business endeavors or personal life. We know that self confidence can be hard to achieve. Nowadays, hypnosis self confidence can be a great help and a great accelerator for them.

If you are stuck in a rut, your are lacking self confidence

Many people are unaware that they have a problem. They lack confidence in their abilities and capabilities, but they believe that nothing is wrong. Others who won’t believe that it is their lack of confidence that has kept them from getting a wife or a husband. For them, doubting their worth as a person is just common and being human.

The simple point: if you are unsatisfied of your life and feel you can’t change things, then you do have a self-confidence problem.

If you are among these people, then one of the basic steps that you would have to do first is to realize that you do have a self-confidence problem. This way, you would be able to know on what areas your confidence issues lie and be able to tackle them one by one.

There are so many ways for you to overcome your shyness or your lack of confidence on your capabilities and abilities as a person.  You can for example try to be with people who are bright and positive all the time. Or dress well, or renew completely your look. You have plenty of suggestions in my 30 days self-confidence challenge.

The more effective way to solve self-confidence issue is to work with your inner you. And hypnosis self confidence is a very effective way.

Hypnosis self confidence will help you when you can’t do it alone

To gain confidence in yourself and on your capabilities, you have to get rid of the factors that have hindered you from unlocking your potential and becoming the beautiful butterfly that you are. Hypnosis will help you to do this in easing out the blocks on your subconscious that are preventing you from gaining confidence.

As have seen in the ultimate uplifting tool when you have hard times, this is especially true when you are tired, unbalanced and nothing seems to work. In the hypnosis practice, you lower your unconscious defenses, and you train your unconscious to adopt new thinking pattern and approaches to your problems.

Hypnosis self confidence is safe

Hypnosis is a serious tool for personal development. It is safe and you can approach it trusting that everything is ok. As Rena Greenberg at easywillpower.com point outs, there are many myths on hypnosis that maybe are stopping you but are simply false. Maybe you fear you’ll lose control or you’ll be manipulated during hypnosis, or you are simply going to sleep, or you are going to do things you don’t want, and so on. Don’t worry, nothing of this will happen, check Rena’s article at the previous link for more details.

Stop negative thinking with hypnosis self confidence

With hypnosis you can gain self-control of your thoughts. If you stop saying and thinking negative thoughts, you will counter your lack of confidence. Too much negativity closes your mind to seek out new endeavors or solutions to the problems that are challenging you.

If you always say and think positive things, then there is a greater chance of your being able to open your mind to new things and changes the factors that are causing your confidence issue.

Hypnosis self confidence will gradually silence your inner critic and, in turn, will re-establish your self-acceptance. With time, this will re-establish your sense of self-assurance, which is a prerequisite for lasting self-confidence.

Hypnosis self confidence unlocks your potential

When you feel self-assured whatever happens, your fear disappears. And you become able to take action and, more important, new action, taking risks appropriate to your goals and yourself.

So hypnosis self confidence will gradually erase the barriers between who you feel now and who you want to be, and will increase your ability to overcome obstacles & roadblocks.

This will make your dreams, goals, and ambition a reality and will finally manifest in your personal & professional success.

In a word, this will unlock your fullest potential. You can see that true confidence creates freedom, and with self-confidence hypnosis, you can experience it in your life.

The best 1 week hypnosis self confidence program intensive

The best hypnosis programs I know are from the guys at hypnosislive.com

Recently they released the Hypnosis Self Confidence Bootcamp, a seven day intensive program that will boost your self-confidence by simply listening to MP3 downloads for half an hour a day.

You’ll simply download each session, slip on your headphones, and listen. Then everything will happen automatically, without having to do any of the hard work yourself.

The Confidence Bootcamp intensive has the following sessions:

  • Day 1 – focuses on giving you an initial confidence boost
  • Day 2 – focuses on growing your self-esteem day by day
  • Day 3 – deals with fear of success
  • Day 4 – focuses on helping you to become more successful
  • Day 5 – develop charisma
  • Day 6 – reach your goals and dreams
  • Day 7 – gets all together

I find this is a well-assorted program. We know for example that without self-esteem (day 2), your self-confidence and your personal satisfaction will suffer in time. Or that fear of success (day 3) is the main source of self-sabotage. And day 5 will re-establish your confidence with people.

The sessions are organized to build each one on the previous and will lead you from your status to your ability to reach you goals and have true success.

I find the initial part of the sessions sometimes boring, as they tend to repeat the same instructions and introductory concepts in every mp3. If this becomes your issue, after the first few days you can skip directly to minute 9 of the mp3s, where the relaxation part will start.

Sometimes the sessions will leave you excited, sometimes just relaxed, sometimes confused. Sometimes you get an idea that will monopolize your attention and you’ll “lose” the remaining part of the session. Whatever happens, your subconscious will be working on the session subject and will reorganize to support better you in future.

In my experience this program works, even if I suggest to repeat after the 7 days at least the sessions that left you confused (this means your subconscious mind is doing harder work to reorganize). The same applies to the sessions “lost” by distraction (this means some concepts had to be elaborated to progress further) or that made you fall asleep.

You can repeat each session based on your needs and you have a full 365 days money back guarantee. Enough to give it a serious try without risk.

To get a free taste of the program, you can download the free confidence booster at HypnosisBootcamp.com

Going on

Hypnosis self confidence can give you the final boost you are looking for. A sensible hypnosis program will help you a lot along the way, and the Hypnosis Self Confidence Bootcamp is one of the best available and will set you in a new playing field in just a week.

In the meanwhile, don’t forget to sign up below for my 30 Days Self Confidence Challenge, where we’ll go through a series of tools that will include to-the-point hypnosis mp3 suggestions.

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