Examples of Positive Affirmations: 40 Affirmation Statements that You Can Use to Change Your Life

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2022)
-Things have a way of working themselves out if we just remain positive. - Lou Holtz -

Affirmations are nothing but the positive statements that you write down or speak out loud. They are the words that will motivate you and make you strong enough to achieve your goals. In this article we are going to see a few examples of positive affirmations that you can use to change your life.

You can say that a person who has a positive mindset is a happy person and people around him will be happy too. We all need to change our mindset, but we don’t have the time to do that.
It is very difficult to make positive changes in our life but we need to make it happen. There are many people who say that we need to think positive for being successful in life.

The simplest tool to achieve this is with positive affirmations.
When you say positive affirmations, it means that you need to tell yourself what you want to achieve and what you want to do, then you need to repeat these things every day. It will boost your energy level and it will motivate you to follow your dreams.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Positive Affirmations

+affirmations+attitude+best+life+mindset+positive+purpose+results+time-Optimism can be more powerful than a battery of artillery or squadron of tanks. It can be contagious and it’s necessary to being a leader - Gen. Rick Hillier -

Positive affirmations are some of the most effective and simple techniques which can be applied for the purpose of developing a positive attitude.
These are some of the most effective positive affirmations which can change your life.
There are many ways to apply positive affirmations but these are the 5 best and amazing benefits of positive affirmations that will help you to develop a positive mindset and get positive results in a very short time.

Everyone wants to be confident, but it is not that easy. People will get a negative mindset due to the wrong and negative habits. But you need to make it easy for yourself if you want to get a positive mindset and a positive approach towards life.

Positive Affirmations Will Help You To Develop A Positive Mindset

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When you say something repeatedly, it gets registered in your brain. So, when you say positive affirmations frequently then it will be possible to make a change in your mindset and will lead to a positive change in your life.

Positive Affirmations Will Give You A Positive Self-Confidence

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Positive affirmations will make you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself then you can easily achieve your goals.

Positive Affirmations Will Lead To The Formation Of A New Habit

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If you are positive about yourself, then you can easily develop a new habit and make yourself a disciplined person. It will not only change your mindset but also will make you a better person.

Positive Affirmations Will Make You Healthy

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The health is the most important aspect of life which every one wants to stay fit. If you have a positive attitude then you can easily make a change in your lifestyle and get a healthy body.

Positive Affirmations Have Proven Scientific Effects In Our Minds

+affirmations+feeling+mind+positive+results-Affirmations will train your thoughts. Your thoughts will train your actions. Your actions will create everything else in your life - Mark Tern - TheSolution2.com -

Do positive affirmations work? There is some scientific evidence they do.
In one study, researchers observed that when people practice affirmations they activate the reward centers of the brain. This feeling of pleasure acts as a motivator to continue the practice of affirmations until you get the results you are affirming.

When you practice affirmations, you have the power to change your beliefs about yourself and the world.
If you say something to yourself often enough, it will eventually hijack your brain’s cognition and subconsciously make you find evidence that confirms the truth of your statement.

This process of mind training helps you achieve your goals and become happier.
Affirmations take time to work, but once you start noticing how they help you, you’ll want to continue.

Check the interesting article at thirdspace.london for more details.
Another study found that when people repeat positive self-affirmations, areas in the brain that help them regulate emotions also grow stronger.

This means that through repetition, affirmations actually change the brain in such a way that increases the likelihood of turning affirmations into positive actions and positive feelings.

Four Ways To Use Your Affirmation Statements

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The basic use of affirmations is repeating them in your mind until they become innate in your unconscious. Starting from this, you can apply a few variations have a more effective experience.

  1. Repeat your affirmations in your mind, but do it three times for each affirmation. This will create a basic reinforcing and will make it easier for you enter into agreement with them.
  2. Say it out loud: Make your affirmations audible by speaking them out loud. This will force you to really believe them and give them a chance to take root in your mind and your being.
  3. Write it down: Writing down your affirmations will give them additional reinforcement and keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve. It will also help you to commit them to memory.
  4. Use a recorder: If you happen to be somewhere where there is no one to hear you, use a small digital recorder to capture your voice. Record them a few times and create a 5 minute recording. Use your phone to record them and your earphones to listen to them.

Try these different methods, and see which works better for you.

Examples of Positive Affirmations

+affirmation+affirmations+best+confidence+goals+good+happy+life+positive-Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. - Helen Keller -

The following are some examples of positive affirmations that can help you to get the best of your life. These are a good starting point:
I am happy.
I am confident
I am confident of achieving my goals.
I have a good future.
I am grateful.
I am healthy and I am healthy because I have a good diet.
I am a winner.
I am blessed.
I have a strong mind.
I am successful.
I am beautiful.
I am intelligent.
I am strong.
I am powerful.

These are some of the most effective positive affirmations for you to use in your daily life. These affirmations will boost your energy level and they will help you to achieve the best of your life. So, start using these affirmations and you will see how they will change your life.

Life Changing Positive Affirmation Examples

positive affirmation examples-Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. - Vince Lombardi -

While the previous are “starter affirmations”, positive affirmations can be crafted in a way to suggest deeper and more transformational effect. They are not just positive affirmations, but include some powerful thought seed that will unleash more of your inner resources.

Here are some examples of these kind of affirmations.
We’ll group for different types of situations you me be addressing. You’ll see that you can apply affirmations to any aspect of your life.

Examples Of Positive Affirmations About You

+affirmations+positive+thought-Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine. - Roy T. Bennett -

I am beautiful, intelligent, and attractive.
I am smart and talented.
I am more beautiful than I ever thought.
I am perfect and unique. There is no one like me in this world.
I am the most amazing being in the whole world.
When I look in the mirror I see the most wonderful person that I have ever met.

Positive Affirmation Examples About Your Life, Your Purpose, Your Destiny

+affirmation+believe+life+mind+purpose+thoughts-Stay as positive and upbeat as you can possibly be. I’ll say it many times: if you can dream it, you can be it. - John Calipari -

I’ll become the person that you I always wanted to be.
If I want to change your life then I’ll change my thoughts.
I can change my destiny with the power of my mind.
I can do everything that I want to do in life if I believe in myself. And I believe in myself.

I can make my dreams come true by believing in myself. And I believe in myself.

Affirmation Statements Examples About Your Goals

affirmation statements examples-To be an overachiever you have to be an over-believer. - Dabo Swinney -

I am powerful and unstoppable.
I take action.
I take my decision quickly. And if they reveal themselves being wrong, I learn quickly from their effects, take a new quick decision and get further.
I follow through my goals, learn what works and what is not working, I adapt my strategy and achieve them.
I’m able to achieve my goals in life.

Affirmation Statement Examples About Your Emotions

affirmation statement examples-Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you. - Mary Lou Retton -

When I feel depressed then I can think about the short-term motivating goals.
When I feel stressed out then I just write down my priorities. And there is always something more important than the other things I have to do.
Whatever happens, I can be happy and contented forever.
I have the power to make myself happy and strong.

Positive Affirmations Examples About Wealth And Abundance

positive affirmations examples-You are not rich until you have a rich heart. - Roy T. Bennett -

If I’m looking for something then I’ll find it.
If I don’t have any money then I can start saving and put a goal to save as much as possible.
I have enough money to fulfill my wishes.
I have right now what I need right now. The universe will always bring me whatever I’ll need.

Positive Affirmation Examples On Dealing With Hard Times

+affirmation+affirmations+courses+fail+time-Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. - Michael Jordan -

I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.
I didn’t fail, I just learned what didn’t work.
I’ll find a way or I’ll create one.
I’ll give up tomorrow, not today.
And tomorrow I’ll say the same.

Of course you can find many affirmations all over the internet. At oprahdaily.com there are a few more life changing affirmation that will help you.

Starting With Positive Affirmations For Self-Confidence And Making All This Work For You

In my opinion any work related to positive affirmations should start from working on your self-confidence.
This is because if you have a problematic area in your life, there’s probably an underlying lack of confidence in that area. So whatever the problem you have, developing your self-confidence is part of the solution.

+affirmations+confidence+life+positive+selfconfidence-NO -

Your self confidence is the most important skill that will shape your destiny. So wherever you are starting from with your affirmations, affirmations for self-confidence are the essential compliment.
Moreover, there a couple of traps you have to be aware of if are going to try seriously affirmations to get inner change.

You’ll find everything in this short video.


You’ll find also a few more details in my underlying article where you’ll also find some deeper connections between affirmations for self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem and a few more positive affirmation examples.


-Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. - Roy T. Bennett -

Affirmations are a simple way to change your mindset and life. We saw a few ways to use affirmations and, in the video, a few traps to be aware of when using them.
Positive affirmations will give you many benefits and will help you to achieve a positive mindset, a stronger resilience during hard times and a positive approach towards life.

We have seen some examples of positive affirmations that you can use to change your life. I am sure you will love these affirmations because they will give you a new energy and sometimes a new perspective.
I hope you liked this post and in this blog you find many articles with some other ways that will help you to change your life.

Affirmations will train your thoughts. Your thoughts will train your actions. Your actions will create everything else in your life.
I know that if you believe in yourself then you will achieve all your goals and dreams. So, evolve your mindset and attitude with affirmations, start believing in yourself, develop your self-confidence and see the difference in your life.

To get started, click on the image below and enroll in my free 30 days self-confidence challenge.

To get further, you can check a self-confidence program that will work at a deeper level. The  Hypnosis Self Confidence Bootcamp.

See you next time!

Mark Tern

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