About me

My self improvement blog - starting with affirmations for self confidence


Welcome to my self improvement blog!

My name is Mark Tern and I’m an enthusiast self improvement practitioner – yes, this is my hobby!

This blog is where I share my experiences, strategies and tools that helped me overcoming my own limitations. If you are looking for a better you, I hope you are going to find some helpful hints here!

I’m an Information Technology manager and as you can imagine I have to face each and every day many kind of challenges that keep me “alive and kicking” all day long.

I’m going to gradually share here my experiences and this is where I share the best strategies I’ve found to take a step forward and become each day slightly better.

I think that self confidence is the cornerstone skill of any short and long term achievement and for sure the first thing you must develop to ensure long term success. I’m starting from how I boosted my confidence by using affirmations for self confidence.

Stay tuned!