Unshakable Self Confidence – Here is Your Weekly Routine to Get It

In your life you are always facing challenges. There are moments where things will go right or wrong. Maybe your first job interview. Asking that girl out. A very important unshakable self confidenceexam. Doing that trip alone. Maybe your throat became dry. Or your knees wanted to shake. Maybe you just wanted to leave everything as it was and alleviate that discomfort. For sure, you would have had the greatest unshakable self confidence in the world.

You were putting your skills on the line and confronting a risk. If you were successful, there could be great reward. But if you fail? Self-doubt was trying to discourage you.

You know, self confidence is essential in our lives; without it, we will not make the first attempt to do anything new. Without self confidence you can’t learn, so you can’t grow. Confidence allows us to move forward despite temporary discouragement. An unshakable self confidence will move us forward despite any discouragement. It’s the essential resource in confronting stressful situations, the difference between fighting or being overwhelmed. If you were unstoppable, what could you do?

Developing self-confidence on a daily basis, one aspect at a time, will help you to improve your overall ability to confront your challenges and unburden gradually your inner obstacles to the development of a true, deep, self-confidence.

Here are seven actions that will help to develop unshakable confidence. Just exercise one action each day of the week. Then repeat for a few weeks and see how it goes.

On Monday – Envision Confidence

Envisioning confidence begins to make confidence real in your experience. Imagine how you will feel and act if you already had the confidence you need for a specific situation. See yourself in your mind’s eye, acting with courage and conviction. Hold that picture in your mind, and your vision will start to become real. The more it will be real, the more you’ll achieve unshakable self confidence.

On Tuesday – Act as If You Had Unshakable Confident

Now that you have imagined how confidence will feel, act as if you were already confident. Move assuredly and energetically as you go for your goals. You are now seeing, feeling, and acting in a confident manner. You will achieve what you expect. Expect to be confident, and you will get unshakable self confidence.

Check my post on how to regain self confidence for a few suggestions about this point.

On Wednesday – Experience Small Successes

Acting daily as if you were already confident, will lead you to experiencing small daily successes. They may not be the final goal. Yet they are important. Even a pat on the back from a colleague or a compliment for a job well done will boost a person’s level of confidence. Keep track of each small success you experience. You will begin to feel your confidence grow day by day. Gradually small successes will cumulate, and small confidence will evolve into unshakable self confidence.

On Thursday – Enable Firm Resolve

When your action won’t lead to small success, probably will expose you to some kind disappointments and, sometimes, setbacks. It is natural to become discouraged at times. However, disappointments are not the end of the road if we view them as learning tools.

Faith in your abilities will lead you past discouragement into a firm resolve. Resolve overcomes obstacles because it displays patience. Instead of giving up, you will meet challenges by continuing through difficult times. Keep your mind on your intended outcome, not on the obstacles. Think of reasons why you can, not reasons why you cannot.

Only if you develop a firm resolution, you can gain unshakable self confidence.

On Friday – Expand Your Knowledge

Gaining new skills for any endeavor – personal or career – is the essential step toward confidence. Identify key areas where you need more confidence to be successful. Then expand your knowledge by taking courses, reading books, and attending learning events. Tele-classes are enjoyable and convenient for learning and discussing ideas with a peer group.

With time, talents develop and abilities grow. Then you will get a taste of what is possible — a measure of success that leads you forward with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm keeps you fired up to achieve more of those small daily successes we talked about.

Continuous learning on the new challenges you are facing is essential for maintaining an unshakable self confidence.

On Saturday – Enlist Expert Help

Enlist the help of experts in areas where you need more confidence. Experts can be found though books, articles, videos, seminars, or via a phone call. A professional coach will help you stay focused on your objectives and hold you accountable for taking the necessary actions to complete your plans.

Confidence also attracts more confidence. Experts will support your plans and offer to help you in tremendous ways if you are enthusiastic and believe in your goals. Moreover, when you show confidence in others, they will show confidence in you.

On Sunday – Exercise Passionate Faith

Confident people have faith that the Creator has a special plan for their lives. They appear to know inherently that when they follow this plan, they will be successful. If you want to achieve something, you absolutely must believe that it is possible for you. You must believe firmly in your potential. A passionate faith will lead you to find and follow that purpose. By cultivating a passionate faith, you’ll reach unshakable self confidence.

Developing Unshakable Self Confidence

Give yourself time to increase your confidence by using these actions during the next several months. Every day, think on how you will apply each of these actions. Write them in a journal. Write your results. And get forward. These steps can make a tremendous difference by allowing you to move more quickly and assuredly toward your objectives.

Start today and begin developing an unshakable confidence that will bring you joy and success in every area of your life.

Of course, there is much more in developing your self confidence. Get a definitive boost in your self confidence with my free 30 day self confidence challenge. Subscribe with the form below. See you next time!

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