Top 6 Tips to Boost Self Confidence When You Feel Down

tips to boost self confidenceBeing able to boost self confidence when needed is an essential skill, today. Without the appropriate self confidence you can’t be at your best, and sometimes this is enough to be overwhelmed by today’s issues in your work and personal life. Today I share with you the best tips to boost self confidence I’ve found right now and that have proven helpful for me as well as others.

When you are feeling down or lacking in confidence the most effective ways to boost that confidence will be to focus on more positive and helpful things. There are many tips to boost self confidence, and different people will prefer different approaches.


1. Take care of your appearance until you are more comfortable

Taking care of your appearance is a very quick way of getting a boost in confidence. Especially when a social condition is involved, such as get through an interview or a tough meeting, looking good will give you that extra confidence.

If are going to meet someone for the first time, this will be even more important as first impressions are made in the first 5 to 10 seconds of contact and will be based essentially on you appearance and your body language.

When taking care of your appearance will make you more comfortable, then you will naturally act more relaxed and feel “in control” and this will make you feel more confident.

This is one of the tips to boost self confidence that will trigger more quickly once you have found a way to self care that will make you really more comfortable with yourself.

2. Remember a success you were proud of or something you are good at

By focus on the fact that you are good, you’ll recover your self confidence. The easy way to do this is by remembering a success you were proud of. A school success, sport success, relationship success, any will be ok.

If you can’t find this kind of memory, just focus on something you are good at. Whatever it is, from learning books to drinking a Cappuccino. Anything you are good at.

Then place in that memory an image of what makes you feel less confident. For example if your “skill” is drinking cappuccino, and you are having a confidence problem with talking to a girl, then imagine you are talking to her and put this image in the cappuccino’s cup. Imagine drinking that image with the cappuccino, and then look inside you for a different way of seeing that situation.

These tips to boost self confidence could seem a little weird, but just try and see what happens.

3. Do something you are tempted to procrastinate

Procrastination, especially repeated procrastination, is a true self confidence killer. You gradually start thinking things are too hard for you, then you think you can’t do them.

Just change your mind and confront one of those things. List what “I should do now” and take the easiest one. Then do it. Or at least start doing it.

This is one of the best tips to boost self confidence as will develop in you the feeling that whatever you’ll have to do, you’ll be able at least to confront it. And of course this has a lot to do with self confidence…

4. Visualize your goals and your ideal self

Another group of tips to boost self confidence are related to actively seek and visualize your goals.

Of course achieving goals is a great confidence booster. But also if you simply visualize reaching a goal step by step you are creating positive and confidence boosting in your conscious and subconscious minds. You will have a clearer idea of what you want and how to get it. This can be just the boost of confidence you are looking for.

If you find this difficult, a further trick is to imagine to be a person who is able to reach those goals. Imagine the personality traits you should have to make reaching that goal very easy. Then visualize those traits. Then imagine those traits blending with you.

The more you visualize it, the more you’ll become it and your desired behaviors propelling you towards your goals will come out naturally.

5. Reframe your failures

Talking about tips to boost self confidence, we can’t neglect how you deal with failure.

The key point on this is that what seems a failure is a true failure only if you stop there and don’t learn anything in the process. In that case, failure will stop you and your self confidence could suffer from a serious setback.

You have to see failure as a learning curve, and it goes in hand with persistence. Persistence is the key to success, and if you persist and learn from failure each time, at the end you’ll succeed (this is essential if for example you are looking for a job).

Learning means understandings: how things are working, what you did well, where you need improvement and how you develop the skills you are lacking.

The quicker you learn from your mistakes the quicker you will succeed. All this starts from the simple mindset act of seeing failures as a learning process.

6. Talk with a supportive friend – this can be you

There are times when you just cannot pick yourself up.

In a situation where what you tell yourself is just not enough or when going through a particularly long period of lack of confidence you may find it useful to find someone whose opinion you respect that can give you some daily advice, tips and encouragement.

Have someone on hand that you can call or visit when you need to. This can be a friend, a colleague, your wife, or even your dog.

If you can’t find a supporting friend this way, you could self support yourself with a good read – for example positive affirmations or positive thinking readings. You can get around toxic thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. For tips to boost self confidence this way, give a look for example to the 5 misconceptions about self confidence that will sabotage your goals, or to my post about affirmations for self confidence

More Tips to Boost Self Confidence

Of course there are many more ways to boost your self confidence. You can experiment more great tips by engaging in my 30 Days Courage and Confidence Challenge with the form hereunder.

Also, I’d like to know more about your experience with self confidence. How do you usually rise your self confidence when you feel a little down? What works with you and what doesn’t’? Let me know using the contact form or by posting a comment here.


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