The Ultimate Uplifting Tool When You Are Having Hard Times: Self-Hypnosis For Confidence

self-hypnosis for confidence

In this website, we are covering a lot of mindset tools and hacks to help you recover your self confidence. However there are times when recovering your self confidence can be a very hard task. Sometimes nothing you try seems working. You continuously try to change your strategy, but things don’t improve. If this is the case, probably your lack of self-confidence is coming from a deeper part of you. In this case, light form of retraining, such as affirmations for self confidence, won’t work. This is where self-hypnosis for confidence can give you the extra boost.

When you are very tired, lacking resources and emotionally disturbed and this is compromising your inner balance, you feel confused, stressed and can’t orient yourself, then I suggest you to try hypnosis. In this field, hypnosis is gaining credibility as an effective way to manage low confidence and low self-esteem. With hypnotherapy, the hypnosis practitioner helps you to enter into a state of deep relaxation and taps into your inner mind. He uses the power of suggestion to take you through an imaginary scenario, giving you suggestions and approaches to face the problems presented. This will help to rewire negative brain patterns and gradually replace them with healthier ones.

What may make hypnosis successful is that it can reach those areas of the mind that you simply can’t seem to access. It is a technique that bypasses the “walls” you may have put up to keep people from tapping into the real you, and addresses your core self. It’s a kind of “showing to your core&deep self, more positive and effective ways to face things”. And self-hypnosis for confidence can do a great work, here.

Problems with hypnotherapy

While hypnotherapy can be so effective, it has a few drawbacks that can put you down. Working with a hypnotherapist can cost you a nice amount of money and could become very difficult to arrange an appropriate schedule.

You can overcome this by recurring to self-hypnosis for confidence, where you don’t need an hypnotherapist and you deal with your own issues. This can also be very effective, but could be very hard to play both roles (the hypnotist and the hypnotized) at the same time. On strong issues, your mind will resist and your experience will be exhausting.

My preferred approach is to use hypnosis sessions downloads. These are recordings where a professional hypnotist leads you through a session whose purpose is to address a specific issue. This is like having a hypnotist on demand. Furthermore, once you invest in one of these sessions, you can listen at your convenience without paying anymore, of course.

This is an intermediate approach between hypnosis and true self-hypnosis. The advantage is that following a leading voice is much easier that doing thing by yourself. And even if your issues could make your session quite weary, you’ll be able to go through it much more easily than with basic self-hypnosis.

These kinds of self-hypnosis for confidence sessions are available all over the web. You choose your session then you buy, download, relax and listen to it with your headphones.

My preferred hypnosis downloads source

My preferred Hypnosis session downloads source is Hypnosislive, which is one of the biggest hypnosis providers of the web. It has over 200 self-hypnosis mp3 audio downloads on many different topics, many of which are related to self-confidence issues (we are referring to a few of these in our 30 Days self-confidence challenge, when the self-confidence topic we are dealing with can have a boost by a self-hypnosis for confidence session).

These sessions are like soft conversations with a friend. In the case of Hypnosislive, this friend is Julie-Ann Moss, a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist specialized in conversational hypnosis. All these sessions are written and lead by herself. You can bet you are in good hands!

What I like

You can really find the hypnosis sessions that are truly addressing your issues.

All these sessions start with a relaxing induction, good when you are so emotionally involved that you aren’t able to address your problem in a rational way. The relaxation at the start of the recording will help you to detach from your present time problem and start a mind-refreshing experience.

I’ve found that these self-hypnosis for confidence sessions have always effects, even if sometimes in a subtle way. However every time I listen to one of these recordings and afterwards I have to confront a related issue, things are always somehow easier for me than before (I find myself thinking: “yes, it was easier…”).

The starting point is of course the instant self-confidence session. This is a self-hypnosis for confidence session that will help you to experience instant confidence in any area of your life, feel certain in your decisions, feel certain in your ability to succeed and replace doubt with self-belief. You’ll be introduced to a relaxing experience where you’ll learn also a shortcut to evoke self-confidence anytime you need.

What I don’t like

Not always is clear how to deal with your issue at a very deep level. Your self-confidence problem could come from a variety of different causes. You could need a few different sessions to address the right problem at the right level. This problem can’t be solved the easy way.

The listening instruction are quite vague. They simply suggest that you listen to your self-hypnosis for confidence session a few times each week until you’re happy with the results. I’d appreciate a less arbitrary schedule, to be sure things are done the right way and there aren’t any doubts.

Also, the listening time is quite long. However after the first listening you can skip the introduction (more or less 5 minutes) and go directly to the hypnotic session, which is the part starting with the background music.

A solution to finding the self-hypnosis for confidence sessions for your deep issues

To find the right sessions, my suggestion is to follow my free 30 Days Self Confidence Challenge (sign up at the bottom of this post).

It will lead you through a variety of self-confidence topics with reflections and exercises. Sometimes you’ll find that one of these topics is very important for you but at the same time is very hard to address. When this happens, I suggested trying with the recommended related self-hypnosis for confidence download.

You can check also for a more comprehensive self-confidence hypnosis approach in my “Unlock your life with easy self-hypnosis” post.

A solution to applying a strict protocol and be sure of the results

If you are dealing with a single issue, use the related session for every day for a week. If you are dealing with more than one issue, rotate the downloads and listen each day to a different one. This is a very important point, because, at a deep level, all the issues are interlinked and you don’t know which issue is causing which one. By rotating the listening, you are weakening these links, and all the issues will be gradually easier to eliminate.

As I said, it’s possible you’ll fall asleep during a session. If this happens, it’s a good sign: it means that, in the session, you’ve found a big issue for you, and your mind is processing new approaches and is reorganizing.

Keep in your list the sessions that make you sleep. Eliminate by the list the sessions you are listening from start to end in an awake state and that aren’t interesting you anymore.

When you have finished your list and dropped all the self-hypnosis for confidence sessions, just check your new self-confidence level. If needed, just restart with the same list of sessions or a new list if you find now that your issues are changed.

Going on

How did you manage your most serious self-confidence failure? I remember struggling for long days after hard setbacks, not knowing what to do and feeling unworthy. I couldn’t decide, I couldn’t take action. Being able to access our deepest resources is vital when things sort out the very hard way. And in my opinion, self-hypnosis for confidence is one of the best ways to do it.

Let me know what you think, and in the meanwhile make sure you sign up below for my 30 Days Self Confidence Challenge!

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