Self Confidence in Workplace – Dealing With the Main 4 Limitations That Prevent Your Success

Are you looking for increased self-confidence when it comes to performing the work and handling tough situations? Would you like to feel more secure about your abilities on the job? What can you do to build your self confidence in workplace?

self confidence in workplace

Deal with who you are not

Well, I don’t know if this is a surprise for you: you are a lot of wonderful and amazing things, and at the time, for sure, you are NOT your job.

Aimee Voelz at points out that you are not your title, your company, or your salary. And of course you are not how your boss treats you.

The same way, you are not even your mistakes or your failures.

You are not what you have or not and what happens to you or not. Don’t overthink things, and the more you’ll be able to detach from what bogs you down, the more you’ll be able to build your self confidence in workplace. 

Deal with your mistakes

Following the previous point, if you make a mistake at work, this does not mean that you are stupid, worthless, or that you’re in the wrong position.

If you identify with your outcomes, it will be too easy to take mistakes personally, seeing them as a reflection of your true person rather than for what it is: a mistake.

Ruth Zive at remembers us to Accept that Everyone Makes Mistakes. To be perfect, you must let go of the need to be perfect, so you can free yourself and replace your feeling inadequate with a new ability to take risks and take on new responsibilities.

The best way to deal with a mistake is to own up to it right away, learn what happened, understand how you could have behaved differently, look at what you can do right now, and present a solution. This shows that you are honest, and by presenting ways to fix the problem, your boss can send you on your way to deal with the issue.

Accepting and showing that you are greater than your mistakes will make you feel better about yourself–and you can bet your company will feel better about you too 😉

If your lack of self confidence comes more from a feeling of failure than just dealing with mistakes, give also a look at my post on how to rebuild self confidence after a confidence crisis in 3 mindset steps.

You can understand that learning how to deal with your mistakes is a very important cornerstone in increasing your self confidence in workplace. 

Deal with your (lack of) skills

It could be you’re feeling unsure about your job skills.

This one is apparently easy: just learn more! Many companies offer continuing education options, will pay for schooling, or offer professional development in house.

Whatever your employer offers, take advantage. If your company does not have this option, find some good books on the subject, ask your colleagues for suggestions, or if you’re a member of any type of professional group, seek advice there as well. Many of your peers will have good suggestions on what’s worth looking into.

Your self confidence in workplace will greatly benefit from approaching this in a double way:

  • Looking at your technical knowledge (processes, procedures, products, technologies…)
  • Looking at your personal skills (decision making, assertivity, proactivity…).

You final job performance is depending on BOTH and be lacking on one side, will prevent you from getting very good results. So how are we going to deal with this?

Well, your self confidence in workplace will greatly increase if you’ll focus at the same time with:

  • Exploiting and tuning one professional AND one personal skill in which you are strong (exploit your strengths).
  • Improving one professional AND one personal skill in which you are weak (reduce your weaknesses).

My personal suggestion is to work on this in alternate weeks, working one week with the strong technical skill and the weak personal skill at the same time; and working the other week with the weak technical skill and the strong personal skill at the same time. A smart approach is to combine them so they can support each other.

Deal with your comfort zone

Finally, give yourself some challenges. Anka Wittenberg at suggests to volunteer for a skill building project or apply for interesting but frightening experiences.

If you choose something you feel passionate about but stretches you marks in your specialty area, you can show yourself and your colleagues that you are able to produce results.

Even if you fail, you’re showing initiative and willingness by taking on special projects. Remember failures are just the best learning tool. Learn from you failures and you’ll now you’ll always improve and you’ll be doing always better and better.

Knowing that you put yourself out there, rather than sitting on the sidelines, is a great self confidence in workplace booster.

Overcome your limitations to build self confidence in workplace

You see that your workplace is a wonderful place to learn how to be more self confident. The projects you are working on, your successes and your failures are all ingredients of the recipe to self confidence. Just go through and grow with your job.

You can see that detaching from what you are not, dealing with your mistakes and expanding your skills are all supporting behaviors that will help you to expand your comfort zone.

This is the most important point for your self confidence and we dig deeply in this concept in our 30 Days Build Courage and Self Confidence Challenge. Give it a try with the form at the bottom of this page.

Morevoer, there’s a another whole class of issues that can undermine your self-confidence at work: dealing with people you must work with, but not so easy to manage. They’re outside your possibility of control, and the only thing you can do is to support a positive collaboration and managing they reactions at your best. We explore these point in “How to Gain Self-confidence at Work – How to Deal with the 3 Things That Are Putting You Down“.

What about you? What is affecting your self-confidence at work? How do you manage it? Let me know what you think!

Mark 😉

Engage in the 30 Days Courage and Confidence Challenge!

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