Interview with Arun Chandran – 5 Secrets of Self-confidence

Hello everyone! Want to know the secrets of self-confidence of a true champion? Keep reading!

secrets of self-confidence

Today I want to share with you an interview with the self-confidence champion from the world of Internet Marketing. This is an internet based kind of business full of traps and… sharks… Nobody today is able to survive the pressure of such a kind of business without a lot of patience, discipline and self-confidence.

The champion of ethical and genuine self-confidence in this world of sharks is, in my humble opinion, Arun Chandran.

He’s a professional fire artist and he’s owner of where he sells content on many topics that internet marketers can customize and use for their business.

He’s the most sincere, motivating and positively brutal marketer I know, and his newsletter is so inspiring that I find him more a teacher and a coach than a marketer. And for sure I’m not the only one thinking this, as everything he does gets always raving fans… (So, if you are in the Internet Marketing business do yourself a favor and subscribe his newsletter at

For these reasons, I asked him permission to present a few questions to share his secrets of self-confidence with you.

He kindly agreed and you find in the following my questions and his answers…

Q: In your experience, what are the worst misconceptions about self-confidence that are holding people back?

The biggest misconception is that you get the confidence first and then you start on your goals. The opposite holds true. You start when you’re unsure and slowly gain confidence along the way… or when it’s all over and you get the confidence from knowing that you did it.

Q: How do you approach new challenges? What mindset helps you go through?

Baby steps with incremental progress. Do what matters when it matters.

Q: How do you overcome negative thoughts? What are your preferred tricks?

Action overrides all negativity. No matter what you do, whether it’s facing change or trying something new, your mind will almost always conjure up negative thoughts. Acknowledge the doubts/fears but take action anyway.

Q: How do you overcome negative and toxic people?

You avoid them… and on the occasions when you can’t, and you do get hate from them, just laugh it off. A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Q: Failure. How do you react to it? What steps can help people rise and take action again?

Accept it. There is no other choice. Take a couple of days to recover and then start on the next goal. You don’t need to be happy or like it – all you need to do is get started, gain momentum and keep going. Just take the next small step. That’s all.

~ Arun

End of interview

Short and to the point. I hope you enjoyed the style of Arun as I did. Take action, one step at a time, and nothing else matters; neither your thoughts when you start, or what happens afterwards (even failure – if failure is an issue for you, give a look at the role of your self-esteem on that and take some more action). These are the secrets of self-confidence.

The more your mind challenges you, the more you should meditate Arun’s answers and apply them to your current challenges.

Now: what about you? Are you waiting to be confident to take action? Are you confronting your challenges? Do you struggle in your negative thoughts or take action instead? Do you complain about your failures, or get up and start again? Finally: have you already discovered that you are a lion and not a sheep?

When you feel stuck on these points, just come back to these wise advices, and move on. You can find more suggestions on taking action in this post.

Remember that if everything is about action, and you have just to take action anyway, at the start of your action there isn’t self confidence, but courage. Start with courage, take action and end with confidence. That’s it.

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