How a Mantra to Increase Self Confidence Will Turn Negative Into Positive Thoughts

mantra to increase self confidence

You are doing a lot of work to improve your self confidence. You read blogs, do exercises, take action, express courage and break your comfort zone. Nevertheless, it seems like you have your big victories, but then your lack of self confidence emerges and you feel like you didn’t go so far. Sometimes you feel like you have to restart it all. If this is your case, a mantra to increase self confidence could do the trick (keep reading if you don’t know what is a mantra…).

If your self confidence falls simultaneously with a low mood, then there could be a mindset issue. It is possible that something inside you is sabotaging your self confidence efforts. The main reason of this kind of self sabotage is usually negative thinking.

If you don’t overcome your negative thinking habits, increasing your self confidence will be much harder than required. Indulging in negative thinking is one of the top 5 mistakes to avoid when you are trying to get your self-confidence back.

A basic approach to re-educate your mind to overcome negative thinking, is by recurring to a well formed mantra to increase self confidence.

The connection between thinking and reality

Negative thinking wins with little effort. Think: “Nothing will happen”, then do nothing and see that nothing happened. Getting results is a different matter. Results require some kind of continued effort. To create things, you must keep action until you get results. You need some kind of persistence at the start, and resilience when things aren’t going how you expect.

Your already know your self confidence is inside you (if you have any doubts about this, give a look at my post on how to rediscover your true self confidence power).

You have just to refocus, and decide that nothing will set you down. You own your thoughts, so you can bet that you can switch off that damn mental virus…

To get this, you have to develop automatic discipline, and the simplest way to this is to exercise to focusing on a single thought. And the easiest tool to keep your mind disciplined with a positive thought, is to focus your mind on a mantra to increase self confidence. A mantra is a sequence of sounds and words, repeated endlessly, and that is believed to liberate a human being from his limitations. Does such a thing exist?

A tale about the power of one word

Once, a renowned Indian yogi came to America and delivered many lectures on this subject. In one of the lectures he was challenged by someone in the audience who said that it was not possible for a single word to deliver the results that the yogi promised. The yogi turned to the man, who was a distinguished professor and said “You fool!”

The professor turned red, and began to shout at the yogi, who calmly watched the professor unwind.

The yogi then addressed the professor and said: “Now can you understand the power of a single word? All I did was utter the word “fool” and your behavior changed in an instant!

So, can we exploit the power of a few simple words to craft a mantra to increase self confidence?

A powerful positive thinking exercise with a mantra to increase self confidence

Positive thinking with a mantra mediation is like sports exercising.  The more you repeat the better you become.

I propose you a simple 2 step process to help you re-educate your mind. Every time you feel that your negative thinking compromises your self confidence, do this:

  1. Let go the negative thought or emotion that comes into your mind. Imagine the negative thoughts are part of you trying to help you (I know, this could seem a little weird). Say them: “I know you are trying to help me; I love you; thank you”
  2. Then meditate with this mantra: “I love – I can – I do”. Do this for 5 minutes. Every time you think “I”, then breathe in; every time you say love, can or do, then breathe out. Focus on the mantra and on your breath. If you lose focus, just restart with your meditation.

If you feel this exercise is a little too “cognitive” or makes you think too much, I suggest you to try a kind of mantra more similar to the ones studied by Hinduism and Buddhism and see if this works better for you.

You can find a good example of this at where you’ll find also a lengthy video you have just to play and listen to.

Start with positive thinking for a stronger self confidence right now!  Try for a week this mantra to increase self confidence and see how it goes.

What about you? Are you put down by your mind sometimes? Is this compromising your self confidence effort? How do you best handle it?

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