How to Raise Self Confidence: Look at People Living Abroad

how to raise self confidence

We have seen that there are many ways to address how to raise self confidence. A lot of this stuff has to do with expanding your comfort zone, and acting with courage. It’s not a case we are dealing with this in our self confidence challenge (subscribe at the bottom).

We have already seen that your self confidence comes from you (see my post on “Where Does Self Confidence Comes From?”).

Of course a lasting self confidence requires deep inner stability. Stability about knowing yourself, knowing who you are.

A recent sociological research focused on the “self-concept clarity” notion. This is the stability over time of clear and confident beliefs about themselves. It’s easy to see that the more self-concept clarity you have, the more robust and resilient self confidence you have.

So, what’s the best way to rise your self-concept clarity?

How to raise self confidence by living abroad

The recent study from social scientists at Rice University, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina has examined almost 2000 students. They’ve found that who lives abroad, is forced to confront himself with his home culture and the new hosting culture. By this confront, people understand what doesn’t define them and what of them is just inherited by their original culture. Then they understand what core values define them and who they are.

This is the best way to rise your self-concept clarity.

This study shows also that living for more time in a single country abroad leads to a much greater self confidence than having many short experiences in different countries.

How to raise self confidence even if you don’t live abroad

My personal understanding for this is clear: many small experiences will develop your ability to quick orientate in a new context and manage things, but a deep long experience, will gradually challenge your references, and let you see who you are behind them.

How do we exploit this for your long term self confidence?

Well, supposing we can’t just leave everything and simply transfer abroad, to approximate this kind of experience my suggestion is to engage in a long term experience that is very different from you typical cultural setup. Not necessarily something so outside your comfort zone to be frightening. It’s more important is something many people are doing but is very different from your studies, or your family, or where you live, or your job, and so on. Of course this is a challenge per-se even if not a frightening one.

For example a very different hobby. Or a second very different part time job. Or long term volunteering.

It’s something you must live with for some time. If this approach is too much for you, targeting a big goal on an unfamiliar topic could be a perfect match. A goal can be usually broken in smaller milestones and each milestone will be a stepping stone towards your self confidence. For example starting a work at home business in your free time.

Taking the challenge and make it work

To be effective, you must ensure continuous exposure to the culturally different situation. When you live abroad, this is automatic (at least if you don’t leave everything too soon and come back home….).

When you do it in your usual living context, there are serious risks that you will leave the challenge too early. To compensate for this, the “almost abroad” approach requires that in the meanwhile you exercise at the same time on another couple of success skills:

  • self discipline, to stay on track;
  • and persistence, to stay there until you win.

How to raise self confidence by challenging your habits

If a long-term goal is too demanding for you, you can try also a different approach: develop the habit of doing something different each and every day. For example wake up sooner, have a different breakfast, change the path to go to work, change your priorities, and whatever you could try doing differently. You don’t have to mess up your day, just do something different every day.

Do these little experiments for a whole year (but of course start by trying just for one week and find your own “habits challenging” style), then see how it goes.

Your experience

And you, what do you think? Did you have experiences abroad? Could you plan one? What is the experience most different from your culture that helped you discover more who you really are? How this affected your experience and your life from that point on?

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The Ultimate Uplifting Tool When You Are Having Hard Times: Self-Hypnosis For Confidence

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In this website, we are covering a lot of mindset tools and hacks to help you recover your self confidence. However there are times when recovering your self confidence can be a very hard task. Sometimes nothing you try seems working. You continuously try to change your strategy, but things don’t improve. If this is the case, probably your lack of self-confidence is coming from a deeper part of you. In this case, light form of retraining, such as affirmations for self confidence, won’t work. This is where self-hypnosis for confidence can give you the extra boost.

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If your self confidence falls simultaneously with a low mood, then there could be a mindset issue. It is possible that something inside you is sabotaging your self confidence efforts. The main reason of this kind of self sabotage is usually negative thinking.

If you don’t overcome your negative thinking habits, increasing your self confidence will be much harder than required.

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self confidence in workplace

Deal with who you are not

Well, I don’t know if this is a surprise for you: you are a lot of wonderful and amazing things, and at the time, for sure, you are NOT your job.

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When you are feeling down or lacking in confidence the most effective ways to boost that confidence will be to focus on more positive and helpful things. There are many tips to boost self confidence, and different people will prefer different approaches.


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If you are trying to rebuild your self confidence, is possible that a few setbacks are making things very hard for you. You could become discouraged and finally think you can’t have your self confidence back. If you look closely for a moment about this, well, it could seem that you have lost confidence in your ability to get back your confidence…. It may seem a joke, but if you are trying hard and your confidence is still lacking, maybe you have a few misconceptions about self confidence that prevent you from succeeding.

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How to Rebuild Self Confidence After a Confidence Crisis in 3 Mindset Steps

Many things can happen in our lives to trigger a confidence crisis. Filing an exam, losing a job or a valued relationship, losing that business order. You simply loose deeply confidence in yourself. Even handling small things is an hard topic. How to rebuild self confidence has a lot to do with taking back control of yourself and your life.

how to rebuild self confidence after a confidence crisis

So, how do we do it?

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Why Self Confidence Is Important for Your Life and Your Success

Why self confidence is important for you? Without self confidence you’ll feel you don’t have the skill to reach your goals. You won’t have the drive to fight for what you want. Probably you won’t have the clarity of goals you want to achieve either.

None will perform to his greatest potential if not backed by self confidence. Low self confidence will impair the functioning of your mind, and will lead to failure.

why self confidence is important

Everything is in doubt, everything is hard. All the skills and efforts are useless if confidence is lacking. Every difficult task will be a challenge and you won’t have the resilience to follow through. Nothing great was ever achieved by people who lacked confidence.

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Where Does Self Confidence Come From?

Do you lack self confidence? Does it come from low self esteem? Are you not believing in yourself? Are you lacking ability? Do you feel inadequate compared to your colleagues or friends? Or did you have some kind of trauma from your childhood? So where is your self confidence and where does self confidence come from?

where self confidence come from

The answer to this question comes from just one word – YOU!

Self confidence starts with you, your perception of yourself, what other people tell you about your actions or behavior, and what you think about what people tell you.

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How to Boost Your Self Confidence When Anxiety Keeps You Down

When your anxiety is taking over your life, everything becomes terribly difficult. Every problem is hard, any self confidence when anxietychallenge seems too big, taking action seems an Olympic quest. The more time you persist in this situation without things getting better, the more your ability to confront the situation will lower and you’ll start escaping; procrastination will lock in and quickly you’ll feel deprived of your power and your ability to fix things. In other words: you’ll quickly lose your self confidence and self esteem. This is why having self confidence when anxiety is an issue, is always hard.

When Breaking the Loss Of Self Confidence / Anxiety Spiral

This is why you have to break this downgrading spiral as soon as possible: if you don’t recover your self confidence when anxiety is coming and you start lacking courage, then you’ll retreat and won’t take action; without action, things will become worst; you’ll feel less resourceful and you anxiety will worsen. Anxiety force you towards the uncomfortable situation you are facing, but if you won’t able to take action, your procrastination will increase and your personal power will reduce. After a while in this losing game you can come to feel like there is no way out. Your anxiety will start being pervasive and invalidating, and you’ll feel unable to do anything.

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