Regain self confidence in 2 weeks – How I did it with affirmations for self confidence and my secret protocol

regain self confidence with affirmations for self confidence
Regain self confidence in 2 weeks

There are many instances in life where your confidence is hit hard. Sometimes you overcome life’s hardness, sometimes you get overwhelmed. Sometimes your courage and confidence sees you through, but sometimes your self-confidence gets a beating. In this case you have to regain self confidence as fast as possible.

I had this kind of experience a couple of years ago, when a professional setback got me K.O. and led me almost to depression.

As I stated in previous posts, without self confidence you go nowhere. Can you afford to lose your self confidence when you have a very big problem and find yourself without energy, options and time?

Of course not. You want to show yourself, your family and your friends that nothing will stop you. You want them be proud of you. You want yourself be proud of you.


So, what I did to regain self confidence in 2 weeks?


First, remember that “Nobody can hurt you without your consent.” The problem is not as important as the impact it had on you, rather the impact that YOU let the problem create on you. In life pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, as the saying goes. It’s purely your choice, and whether you choose to bounce back or suffer is entirely your prerogative.

There’s definitely a lot of pain involved in any of the situations. But you don’t necessarily have to suffer. You must arise and resolve to get back your confidence.

This means a mindset shift is necessary to regain self confidence. You have to:


Zero Self Confidence – Is Your Fear Of Not “Being Enough” Holding Your Back from the Success You Deserve?

Living with low self confidence is like being in prison. Having zero self confidence makes you feel weak. Unsure of your abilities.

With many ugly negative thoughts that take off and take hold of your mind. Uncomfortable feelings arise and become frequent in your day.


The Negativity Personal Trap

These uncomfortable feelings last so long that you start trust them as reflecting something real. You start thinking you really aren’t able to confront things. Action becomes more and more hard. You start procrastinating.

You start trying relieving these bad feelings with short term pleasure strategies, like for example eating.

This attacks your self esteem. You feel weak and wrong.

You feel unable to take action. And even if you take action you mistrust your ability to sort things out, deal with the unexpected, being in control. Keep this for a short time, and you will soon you lose faith in your dreams. You feel you cannot ever do anything right.


If You’re Looking for Magic Bullets, Then You Won’t Like What I Have to Say

We all have problems. We want to improve our lives. We want greater self confidence, ability, success. These things are hard to achieve. They require effort, discipline, patience and sometimes luck. You don’t know if you are able enough, if things will sort out as you hope.

No Silver Bullets

You can feel overwhelmed and hope that a magical solution could solve all your problems. So you look for everything can help you out there, for that magic silver bullet that will free you from your struggle.

The hard truth is that silver bullets don’t exist. Nothing will evaporate your problems with a zap. But there are for sure tips and strategies that can help you and will if you’ll apply them in your life.

self confidence - the only worthwile strategy


Unshakable Self Confidence – Here is Your Weekly Routine to Get It

In your life you are always facing challenges. There are moments where things will go right or wrong. Maybe your first job interview. Asking that girl out. A very important unshakable self confidenceexam. Doing that trip alone. Maybe your throat became dry. Or your knees wanted to shake. Maybe you just wanted to leave everything as it was and alleviate that discomfort. For sure, you would have had the greatest unshakable self confidence in the world.

You were putting your skills on the line and confronting a risk. If you were successful, there could be great reward. But if you fail? Self-doubt was trying to discourage you.

You know, self confidence is essential in our lives; without it, we will not make the first attempt to do anything new. Without self confidence you can’t learn, so you can’t grow. Confidence allows us to move forward despite temporary discouragement. An unshakable self confidence will move us forward despite any discouragement. If you were unstoppable, what could you do?

Here are seven actions that will help to develop unshakable confidence. Just exercise one action each day of the week. Then repeat for a few weeks and see how it goes.

On Monday – Envision Confidence

Envisioning confidence begins to make confidence real in your experience. Imagine how you will feel and act if you already had the confidence you need for a specific situation. See yourself in your mind’s eye, acting with courage and conviction. Hold that picture in your mind, and your vision will start to become real. The more it will be real, the more you’ll achieve unshakable self confidence.


How to Boost Self Confidence – Rediscover Your True Power

So you want to know how to boost self confidence. Well, the good news is that your self confidence is already inside you. You have just to remember what it means unshakable self confidence.

how to boost self confidence


Where self confidence comes from


If you want to know how to boost self confidence, you have first to understand that self confidence is an innate state of mind. You can’t understand what self confidence is if you don’t catch that. Everyone is made of self confidence. This is the raw material of your inner power. This is what you are born with. Just look at a little child learning to walk and you’ll see that clearly.


Why you don’t have self confidence right now


If you are born as a self confident being, the only reason you don’t have it right now is that you have lost it. If you can do anything, the only thing limiting you are self limiting beliefs. Education, past experiences and hurting people (even if unwillingly) can make you think “I don’t deserve it”, first and “I can’t confront it”, afterwards. This will make you to lose a few battle, compare with other successful people and adopt a definitive “I can’t do it” belief. This will definitely limit you.


Affirmations for self confidence

Your self confidence is the most important skill that will shape your destiny. Affirmations for self confidence are one of the first tools you can use to your advantage for this purpose.

Most individuals destroy their self confidence by repeating in their minds damaging words and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives. It’s not a surprise that this will therefore produce undesirable situations.

Often, individuals repeat negative statements in their minds, without even being aware of what they’re doing. Do you keep thinking and telling yourself that you can’t manage something, you’re too lazy, lack inner strength, or that you’re going to fail?


boost self confidence with affirmations for self confidence

Words and statements work at both ways, to construct or destroy. It’s the way we utilize them that determines whether they’re going to bring great or adverse results.

Your subconscious accepts as true what you keep stating, and eventually draws in corresponding events and situations into your life, irrespective whether they’re good or bad for you, so why not select only positive statements?


Affirmations are deliberately positive thinking


Affirmations are positive statements that describe a sought after situation, and which are repeated numerous times, in order to impress the subconscious and trigger it into favorable action.

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the affirmations, you must repeat them with attention, strong belief, interest and desire.

Affirmations program the brain in the same way commands and scripts program a computer. They work in the same manner as creative visualization. The repeated words help you center your mind on your aim, and automatically build matching mental images in the conscious mind, which affect the subconscious. The conscious mind, the mind you think with, begins this process, and then the subconscious takes control. By utilizing this process consciously and intently, you can affect your subconscious and thereby transform your habits, behavior, attitude and reactions, and even remold your external life.


Affirmations for self confidence are the cornerstone of self confidence


If self confidence is the feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, judgment, then you can see that positive affirmations are the cornerstone of a positive self confidence mindset.

The more your natural thoughts are positive thoughts; the more you will feel and be confident.


Welcome to my self improvement blog! What about boosting your self confidence?

This is my personal blog and a place for me to share my experience with my self improvement experience. We all experience difficulties and setbacks in life. I’ll share here what I did in different areas of my life to overcome my difficulties and how I managed to improve my personal efficacy in a variety of situations.

I hope and expect you are going to find here a few tips, tactics and strategies to help you overcome your obstacles, go through your barriers and feel better in achieving your goals.

The first topic I’d like to share with you is boosting self confidence. An unbreakable self confidence is the first essential condition for short term and long term success and personal satisfaction.

You might be interested to regain self confidence after a setback. Or you might just want to learn how to boost your self confidence. You could have issues on feeling more secure, or in your workplace, or in social situations. Either way, you are in the right place.


Building an unshakable confidence – not an easy task but can be done


There a variety of methods to rebuild self confidence and they range from tons of simple tips to more in depth approaches like positive affirmations, confidence building activities, guided meditations or even self confidence hypnosis. You are going to find a few tips on all these in this special blog.